Hannah Montana Craze!

Camille has joined the
millions of Hannah
Montana fans. We
finally caved in and
took her to the 3D
concert at the theater.
Shortly after Christmas
she had a relapse with
her nail biting and we
told her if she stopped
she could go see Hannah
Montana. She said she
didn't care about seing
that. But a week later
when her nails grew in
she reminded me about
the deal. We made a
Camille night of it and
had a good time. She
even had her nails done.
It was an all out girls


  1. Looks like a fun girls night! Camille, I like your real hair best! Can you believe it, I've never heard or seen a Hannah Montana show yet. =) Aunt Kirstina

  2. Camille will bring some Hannah this summer.