Winter Wonderland!

As much as I would love for winter to be done, it is so beautiful! We had an opportunity to get out and enjoy it with this snowfall. The temps have been so unsafe that when we finally had a day at 25 degrees we knew we had to get out, even if it was still snowing. We piled on the layers and were all ready to go until we got stuck backing out of the driveway. It probably wasn't the best idea, but with a little determination and elbow grease we were able to make it out and sledding we went! It took awhile to pack the snow down enough to get a good sled trail, but we conquered. The kids had fun, that is until Connor's face started hurting and Camille got snow down her pants. All in all it dropped 16 inches that day. The kids ended up having acouple days off school beacuse it took the city awhile to plow all the residential roads. It was a very memorable day for all!


  1. Wow! What a day! I noticed your new car-- a honda suv? I sure miss you guys. Hope the winter doesn't last too much longer. Love, Aunt Kirstina

  2. It's an Acura MDX...stuck in the driveway! The joys of iowa winters... aren't you glad you live in CA?