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Cedar Rapids was hit exceptionally hard by the flood. In my attempt to document some of it I've realized that pictures do not do justice. It just can't capture the destruction and chaos that is all around me. This scrapbook is an attempt. There are so many businesses that are going to have to declare bankruptcy. My hair salon that I went to is one of those businesses. They had flood insurance, but it was so extensive that the insurance barely makes a dent. Everybody has been affected in one way or another... alot of people had flooding in their basements either from power outages or too much water. Kmart was affected by that as well. Water shortages, septic issues. transportation, mail service, and the stinch are just a few ways that others were affected. It will be an ongoing struggle for months, maybe years to come.

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  1. I am so scared to come home and have to face reality. Your pictures are amazing at capturing the severity of the destruction. Thank you.