Flood thoughts

I thought after two weeks away in Kentucky I would return home and... well, I didn't expect everything to be back to normal, but at least better. I was a bit depressed as we exited off the freeway onto 1st street and traveled up O Ave. It still smelled horrible and I was surprised how much garbage was still everywhere. Our new church is in a different direction and it is so much more pleasant of a drive to church. I guess the most disturbing businesses are the library (the thought of 230,000 books destroyed makes me sad) and the A&W on Ellis. We never even really went there much, but growing up we used to go to this B&K for spanish dogs occasionally. This A&W reminded me of that and they had spanish dog day on Tuesdays. I'm also anxiously awaiting the reopening of the downtown YMCA. The Stoney Point branch is not the same. It's nice to see boating ramps and businesses reopen. I know the city is doing what they can, but it will take time...


  1. I'm depressed about the library too! More than i can express!!! I've figured out that books are my "drug" so it's been hard to find other things to do in my spare time...I guess I still have scrapbooking...haha good luck to me :) (I was sad about that A&W too!!! In fact, a week before the flood, I was craving A&W SOOOO Bad that I thought I'd stop in sometime...and then the flood happened...so much for that!!)

  2. Alicia,
    I just got your comment on my page and just had to check out your blog. It's awesome! It really is! I'm so sorry about the flood and it's devastating effects on your city. You have a great attitude and I'm sure will make it through fine. Here are a couple things I found that made blogging easier for me. You can download a program off of google called photoscape. It's free and you can make photo collages as well as digital scrapbook in it. I haven't figured out the digital scrapbooking part. The other thing is www.blurb.com. You can download your blog into a book, so you aren't duplicating scrapbooking. If you really want to see a decked out digital scrapbooking page go to my sister-in-laws page. www.keepingupwiththejonesss.com. She puts everyone to shame!

  3. Alicia,
    I was having problems with the widgets too. I went to the website cutestblogontheblock and they have preset scrapbook blog backgrounds. The instructions they give make it possible to change backgrounds without loosing all your widgets. If you go into layout and click on add a page element. You copy the background you want and paste it into add a new html. If you like any of their backgrounds it's a really easy way to go if you want a more scrapbook looking page. Hope it helps. I really do like your page. With just the black background it allows your pictures to come to life without the distractions of a pattern.