First day of school

Do we have to get up?

Getting ready...

Off we go...

Being a bit shy with Mr. Fred.

This picture says is all. "Ah, Mom. Do you have to embarrass me and take more pictures?" Why do they have to grow up? When I went to leave I tried to give him a hug and kiss him as always and he pushed me away. He said, "Don't kiss me, Mom". I asked if I could at least give him a hug and he said "no". I talked to him later tonight and he told me that embarrasses him when I do that in front of his friends. Where did my little boy go? It's so painful as they start to grow up and assert their independence more. They need us less and we want them more.


  1. Hello! I did use have a program to download called BookSmart, and you can have your blog imported. I had to edit a lot--you can choose all different colors and designs and layouts for each page. I put the whole blog in, and added a few pages here and there of pictures, too! It's pretty fun to do.

  2. Love the pictures! Don't you love the attitude. My kids hate me to take pictures i think they get joy out of making it really difficult for me. I still try though C:

  3. I am very sad that they grow up and act like they don't need us anymore. Good thing they still need our snuggles every once in a while.

  4. I got the 7x7 one this time--I think next time I will try the bigger one--the 8x10, I think it is.

  5. aaah your last sentence is sooo true!!! HOw fun that you were able to get these pics though! They'll be grateful when they get older! :)