aftermath, almost 3 months later

On my way to the Y the other day I decided to snap some pics. (The downtown YMCA is open upstairs, but the downstairs is still under construction. That includes the gym, raquetball courts, the nursery, the pool, and locker rooms that are not available yet.) There are many homes that have been abandoned. Many, like this one, have been stripped to bare bones. There are many signs of hope around town. The last photo is the Penford bridge. It is officially gone. They built a road across the river to get to all of the debris. I don't know what their plans are for rebuilding. According to the Gazette, FEMA is sending another 77 million to Cedar Rapids and that 11 million or so will go to the library. That will rebuild it, I think. What do you think the total replacement cost would be for 250,000 books?

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