Labor Day

After swearing I'd never allow my children to participate in that kind of pandimonium ever again... here we are. It normally falls on the fourth of July, but due to flooding it was postponed until Labor Day this year. It was July 4th acouple years ago when I let my children do the Alliant Energy Fun Run. Haldan ran with Camille and Connor ran by himself. It was such a short run that I couldn't make it to the finish line before he was done. When I got there I saw nothing but thousands of children everywhere and Connor was no where to be found. It was loud and crazy. It was the scariest 30 minutes or so of my life. Haldan and I split up and we even had Joe Winters (channel 9 weather man)involved on the podium. He was paging him and asking all to help look for this little boy named Connor. He described what he looked like and what he was wearing and total strangers were helping look for him. He even had me get up on the podium so that he might be able to see me. As a mother it's a moment you never want to have. In the midst of my near break down Haldan found him. Connor said he couldn't find us, so he went back to where we started (on the other bridge); where he last saw us. It made perfect sense to him. The race was in a different location this year due to flooding, our children are older, and Connor would be running the mile this year. I decided I couldn't hold my children back due to my fears, so I gave in and we all participated. Haldan ran the 5K at 8AM, Connor ran the mile at 9AM, and Camille and I ran the 1/3 of a mile together at 9:30AM. The kids had fun and we were able to keep tabs on them the entire time. It was a much better experience and I'm glad we did it. Connor was really close to placing in the top 10 for his age group. He's excited that he will have the next two summers to try to place in the 9-10 age group. He's a young 9 this year and with it falling on July 4th the next two years it will give him two years to try.

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  1. Sounds like a scary moment! Been there it's not fun. Looks like you had a better experience this time. C: