Bird Alert!

I came home from work yesterday and as I walked in the door Camille casually asked why there was a bird in our house. I was sort of ignoring her until she pointed to it and there on my kitchen window sill was a bird. At first I thought maybe Haldan had put a fake bird there and it was some kind of Haldan plot, but as I looked closer I realized it was a real live bird. I started freaking out and Haldan came in. He still thought we were joking until he saw it. Then we had to try to capture it. So glad he was home! Have you ever had anything like this happen to you? He asked me if it flew in through the garage when I opened the door. Don't you think I would have noticed that? I'm wondering just exactly how long it had been in our house! I've been hearing alot of weird noises lately that sound like birds running into the back of our house. Is it related?


  1. Yikes! I remember a bird incident when I was a kid--although we saw it fly in, so we knew how long it had been there! Maybe you should go looking for a nest!

  2. That's funny! I am glad you got it out. The bird was trying to give you some excitement in your life. LOL