Crazy 8 Tag

8 Favorite t.v. shows...
1.Desperate Housewives 2.Army Wives 3.Fox News 4.Grey's Anatomy 5.Ugly Betty 6.Still Standing 7.John & Kate plus Eight 8.scary lifetime movies

8 Favorite Restaurants
1.Texas Roadhouse 2.Olive Garden 3.Panera 4.Papa Johns 5.Cheesecake Factory 6.Ruby Tuesdays 7.Fridays 8.Papa Murphys

8 Things I did yesterday
1.took kids to school 2.said goodbye to mom & kids 3.drove to DesMoines 4.flew to Chicago 5.had 3 hour lay over 6.ate at Macaroni Grill 7.flew to Utah 8.saw Nate & Danielle

8 Things I love about fall
1.cooler temps 2.halloween parties 3.making caramel apples 4.eating soup and chili
5.going to the pumpkin patch 6.crisp leaves 7.halloween costumes 8. bath & body leaves & pumpkin plug ins

8 Things on my wish list
1.move away from Iowa 3.someone to clean my bathrooms 4.basement finished 5.closer to family 6.better cell phone that works right leg to feel better kids to get along

8 people I tag
1.Shawna 2.Lisa 3.Amanda 4.Sarah 5.Stacy 6.Liz 7.Angela 8.Amy


  1. I think it's a pinched nerve, but I've had shooting pains down my entire right leg for about 2 weeks now. I hope it goes away soon and it's not indicative of things to come with age.

  2. Hope your leg feels better soon! Sounds like you're having fun, anyway. I kinda made my background. It's some paper I scanned in.