my little jack-o-lanterns

There's always a first for everything. Just when I said Connor's tooth would never come out, it did. I was planning to schedule another appointment with the dentist to have his tooth pulled, but that tooth had other plans. Connor was laying on the couch downstairs and when he went to get up his tooth actually got snagged on the stitching on the pillow and got yanked out. He was a little stunned at first until he realized what had just happened. Then he was excited. His tooth was out! Trust me, it had to come. It stuck way out in front. I'm not even sure the poor kid could close his mouth, that's how far it stuck out. And it was painful for him, so he didn't want to touch it or wiggle it, and especially NOT brush it. It got to be pretty gross! Hallelujah! So, as you can see we are all about losing teeth these days. It's either loose, or needs to be wiggled, or getting pushed out by an adult tooth coming in, or needs to be pulled. The tooth fairy has been making many house calls here these days!


  1. haha I was just thinking wow the tooth fairy is probably going broke over at your house! ;) I think I'd be stunned too if it ripped out like that too! I'm glad it happened though! :) One less copay or bill from the dentist? On another note: I haven't seen you in awhile, hope you're doing well!

  2. I was going to say the same--the tooth fairy is visiting you guys a lot! Keep that pillow around!