Project Alicia : only nine...

Monday, October 27, 2008

only nine...

So, Connor gets in the car after school today and says (very excitedly I might add), "Guess what happened today." I made a few random attempts which were all wrong. Then he blurted out "I got a girlfriend and I'm only nine!" I was a bit in shock and felt a little numb. I started by telling him that he can't have a girlfriend yet. He very convincingly said he could. I told him he couldn't date until he was sixteen. He told me it was more of a crush. I then asked him how she became his girlfriend and his reply was, "She loves me and I love her." What in the world am I to think? I had no idea this was coming today. He's only nine!! It totally threw me. Haldan, being the reassuring husband he is, told me I shouldn't worry. "At least it's a girl," was his only comment. Although true, it didn't make me feel a whole lot better. Any other more reassuring thoughts out there?


  1. I don't even know what to say to that lol :D and yes Halden I am laughing out loud. I can totally hear you say "at least it's a girl." Whish you guys were closer. ;D

  2. haha I think I'm almost in the same boat as you...Last night we were talking to Makaya and asked her about her friends at school. Alan or I, now I can't remember, asked her if Ben was her boyfriend...we've asked this before, and she gets a gross look on her face so I guess that answers our question right?! We're totally expecting that reaction when, she says: YES!!! I like him! Alan and I both were a little taken aback...and so then Alan (ahha) says: So is Kason your boyfriend? Where then Makaya puts on the face "ew gross" and says: He's my brother....and then she says yes, Kason is my boyfriend. I'm sure to be funny...then Alan asks her if she'd give her boyfriend a kiss or something like that...and she says something like "that's gross and Ewww"... PHew!! So maybe she doesn't know what it means yet!!! hahaha Good luck!! I laughed about what Haldan said, I can totally see him saying that, as well as Alan!

  3. haha now your'e going to laugh at me, because I guess I better blog (cut and paste) what I just told you!! haha

  4. Hi Alicia! I love Lisa so we must be friends material as well. Very funny story; the same thing happened to me at Christmas when some out of town friends came to visit with a son my daughter's age. She too said she "loved" him. This is a little girl who will still watch the Wiggles. But, I do have a few thoughts to share. Your approving of his interest in a girlfriend will not deter his curiosity- all you can do is shape the boundaries and teach him that he can and should talk to YOU. Sometimes disapproving can teach kids that you don't want to hear what they want to tell you. Not that you way "great son! so glad you have a girlfriend!" Why does he want a girlfriend? What does he think happens with a girlfriend? Were friends involved in this decision? I think you can learn a lot about him that will give you a glimpse into the future. I learned that my daughter will be a lot like me- interested in boys are a very early age.

    I also think kids are never too young for the "For Strength of Youth" pamphlet. I have read it with my kids and said "This is what the Lord's prophet wants us to know about____" Then, it comes from the Lord, not me. They can take it up with Him :) Good luck! BTW, I love the pictures on your blog.