...a sweet mommy moment

After a long, stressful day Connor (who had already been tucked in) came up to remind me about the field trip and the cold lunches that needed to be made. I was exhausted and dreading the day... a 45 minute bus ride one way and a full day of history (not my favorite subject). When I woke up I realized that it was going to be a cold rainy day, but the Herbert Hoover Museum was inside, right? Wrong! So, the majority of the tour was outside. There was the cemetery, his home, school, and blacksmith shop... all that were outside. We even had lunch outside and I was seriously under dressed. I admit that I was not enjoying myself very much and was wishing I hadn't come when... my son came over and grabbed my hand and said, "Mom, thanks for coming on my field trip with me." At that moment I had to fight back tears. I realized that even though I wasn't having a wonderful time my son was glad I was there and that's all that matters. Later on the bus ride home Connor was filling out a paper on the things he learned about Herbert Hoover. The last question was, "What was your favorite part of the field trip?" Connor wrote, "My Mom coming."
At times, particularly stressful times, we tend to lose focus of the important things in life. It took my son's sweet gestures to remind me that "things" shouldn't matter more than the relationships with my family.


  1. sweet Alicia, thanks for sharing!

  2. That is so sweet, it made me tear up. I am glad that Connor told you that he appreciated you coming. It is always nice to hear.

  3. Awww, that is sweet. A good reminder of what really counts!