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Monday, October 27, 2008

thru the years

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I stole this idea from my friend Stacy. I've been wanting to do a series of Halloween pics thru the years, but ten years seemed like an overwhelming task. I didn't get a digital camera until the end of 2003. Since then I have all of my pics on cds and they are easier to find. Last year I started backing up my pics on external hard drive as well. Before '03 I have a few pics and 2 giant boxes of negatives dating back to '92 when Haldan & I got married. Any ideas as to what to do with negatives? Can they be put on cds? It's fun to look at pics of the kids thru the years. Boy have they changed! Connor has recently informed me that he was traumatized from wearing the chicken costume in 04. I think "traumatized" is a bit much. He was a super cute chicken! Thanks Shawna. If anything he should be traumatized because he was a "groom" to his sister. Maybe that one will come later. I've tried to do themes thru the years, but this could possibly be the last year. They're much more opinionated these days. I'm sure if I had more kids I would have given up on that idea long before now.


  1. So cute! We missed you on Friday night. I met your mom though, your kids are so lucky that Grandma came to cold Iowa to hang out with them. How was Utah? I tried matching the kids last year. Michael was a pirate and Grace was his monkey, like on Pirates of the Caribbean. This year it didn't work out so well. What are you guys doing for Halloween?

  2. That was so fun seeing your kids through the years. I remember a lot of those costumes! I love the themes - you know I'm a theme girl. I had to give up on that as well, darn those opinionated kids!!

  3. Cute! Love the themes! I can't believe you were able to do them for so long! It was funny, I came home from the store today where I actually bought some airborne, then read your comment about it. I'll have to try that cider thing maybe. As for blog backgrounds, here is the site I used to learn. It tells you step by step how to change things. It looks long and confusing, but it's pretty easy. It's

  4. I absolutely love that you did themes!!! I wish i had thought to do that from the begining!! yes, you can take your negatives into walmart and have them put it on a disc. I've done it before, although it was a really long time ago...Fun pictures though!