budding stylist

There have been many "dos" over the last couple years... some that were ok, others a little more interesting. Camille was always so proud and she wanted me to wear it out to show off her work. I kept it in a couple times. Regardless of whether I wear it out or not, she always wants to "do my hair"! She sets her mind to something and there's no stopping this little one. While my mom was here she showed Camille how to french braid. Mom didn't have long enough hair, so she practiced some on her dolls. She already knew how to braid and it didn't take her long to pick it up. When I got home from our trip to Utah she wanted to show me what she learned. She actually french braided my hair! I think it's pretty great and I admire her determination!


  1. Wow, that looks good! Pretty soon she can be styling your hair everyday!

  2. HEy!! Maybe she can teach me!?! It looks really good!!