Highlights of Utah Trip

Highlights: Mom watching kids- Thanks Mom! (It's an 8 hr drive) Hanging with Nate & Danielle, seeing my sweet nieces,
and introducing online boggle!

I also finally got to see my house in Utah, but I didn't
have my camera battery with me, so no pictures. :(


  1. LAME PICTURES ALICIA!! LOL I'm so going to post the ones I have of you :D It was fun to see you guys even though we didn't manage to get any good pictures. Still trying to talk Nate into coming your way soon.

  2. I forgot to mention I like the new background!!

  3. i know!! pictures didn't turn out that great. i posted the best i had. do you like my new header? too bad you can't come to mom's for thanksgiving or xmas. I think we might be there for both, depending on haldan's schedule.

  4. Ya we need to get together again just to get some better pics C: lol! Thats funny your mom didn't like hers either the one you posted on the couch is a little cuter i like the one where she is hugging them..so sweet.