Ambiguous Plans + Frigid Temps = Weird Day

Saturday was a weird day. We originally wanted to go on the Palo Express. The city put together a train ride from Palo to Vinton to help with the flood relief efforts. Santa, food, and cute shops were all part of the event. Sounded perfect until we realized that all of the tickets were sold out. 4 time slots with 900 seats means they sold 3600 tickets. Great for Palo, not so great for me.
So, we decided instead to try the downtown Cedar Rapids events going on that day. It was their first ever "Fire & Ice Festival". Around 3 o'clock we did a carriage ride. I don't know what the exact temperature was, but I remember they said it felt like 2 degrees. They were right! We bundled up in layers and that was one cold ride! (A very sparse showing.)
We decided to forgo the train ride and do a bit of shopping. Camille really wanted to do the 6PM lighted parade and see Santa, but Haldan was feeling under the weather and it was really cold by then... I talked Haldan into trying to go see Santa downtown, but when we got there it ended up being in Smulekoffs and you had to get a number at the door. I'm sure they decided to have it inside due to the frigid temps.

We were number 24 and Santa was no where to be found. It was then that I realized that we would be there at least another hour. So, onto plan B.

Plan B- convincing Camille to go get some warm dinner and get a movie to watch at home and see Santa at the mall later. It took some doing. This is my stubborn child after all. She eventually came to see that it would be a long wait for Santa. She got to pick dinner and what a cheap easy night. She wanted mac & cheese and I had a Christmas movie at home that I recorded earlier.

This is the kids "waiting" for Santa...

When we got home Connor dashed to his room. When I asked what he was doing I thought he said he wanted to shut Camille up, which I quickly let him know was not nice. What he actually said though was that he wanted to "cheer" Camille up, so he found all the red clothing he had and dressed up like Santa since she didn't get to see him. He wanted me to shout his name and then he came up to surprise her. It was pretty funny, but very sweet.

Sometimes these thoughtful, sweet people emerge and I have hope. It made me so happy to see my children on the "same team" (as we often talk about around here).
The movie ended up being some French Canadian flick. The lips didn't match, but the kids liked it all the same. I think it was called North Station, just in case you wanted to avoid it.

It certainly didn't turn out like I had planned, but it was a fun day filled with family time together and some unexpected kind gestures.

I don't know if the weather contributed, but I finally got Haldan's disease. I fought it hard for a few days and it got me anyhow. I'm feeling lousy and hoping and praying the kids don't get it. Camille woke up with a dry, "clogged" throat as she says. Tonight she feels "weird". Keep your fingers crossed.

Sickness is everywhere. I spent two hours at urgent care today with a room filled with sickos. Happy winter!


  1. Oh what a fun day (haha sounds like something that would happen to me...plan and nothing turn out right--which is quite annoying to some degree...but apparently, I've got to work on my flexibility...haha) That was really sweet of Connor to dress up for Camille!!! really that warmed my heart!! I lOve it when I see those nice gestures between my kiddos too. Its' the best mommy moments in the world, at least I think so! I hope you feel better!!! Haldan and Camille too!!
    ps I am SURE glad we missed the snow before we left. I've hoping to avoid it here, but today was no such luck.

  2. Yuck Alicia,
    I am sorry you are sick! Bummer about Saturday! I love that Connor did that for Camille, what a awesome big brother. I hope you all feel well soon. Amanda

  3. LOL C: cute story. I laugh because of the happy winter, we are fighting the flu at our house zoie has been throwing up for two days straight (poor thing) Em was sick before that...gotta love this time of year C: hope you guys feel better!

  4. Wow--cold! I also think that was sooo sweet of Conner! Hope you guys get feeling well soon. I'm now going to be armed with Purell at all times!

  5. That sounded like a fun day...some great family time. I hope you are all feeling better.

    I really like the Hipo song...I've never heard it is so cute:))