Project Alicia

Sunday, January 25, 2009

After spending half the day trying to think of a great photo op Camille finally loses her other front tooth! She was in her room playing a game on her computer when it happened. She said she was trying to pull her shirt up and somehow her hand slipped and her fist hit her tooth. Even though she cried and said it hurt at the time, she's now convinced that punching your teeth is the best way to get them out! She can't wait to show Mr. Fred tomorrow.


  1. Yay! It's probably so nice to have the loose tooth gone! Love her hair, by the way, and that bracelet is so cute, too! What a great idea to have your kids keep a journal. Maybe I'll have to start that.

  2. Hooray!!!!! What a relief. That thing just didn't want to come out.

    Rachel will love to see the picture in the morning.

  3. I'm glad it finally came out it was starting to look a little scary.