DAY 12


Camille's two front teeth have been loose since last summer. I guess I wasn't ready for the "mixed dentition" yet (she had the cutest little teeth), so I told her she couldn't wiggle them until after our trip to Washington. I thought for sure she'd be singing "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" at Christmas time. Those teeth are just as stubborn as she is! Here it is Jan 12th and she finally lost the first of the two. As you can see in the photo the other one is hanging on by a thread as well. I wouldn't be surprised if it hangs on another week. Since the last tooth pulling episode with Haldan where she freaked out, he is officially "done" pulling teeth. I tried to wiggle the tooth for her yesterday, but she kept saying it hurt so I stopped. Haldan told her to eat an apple at breakfast and it would fall right out. She gave it a go, but was unsuccessful. When I picked the kids up from school today the tooth was gone. Camille said her teacher took a paper towel and pulled it out and it didn't hurt. Thanks Mr. Fred!


  1. Michael's two front teeth have been lose forever too. Not lose enough to come out yet. I thought the same thing you did about Singing all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. I have pretty much stopped messing with them and figure when the time comes he will ask his old kindergarten teacher to pull them for him. She is known at the school as the tooth puller. I want it to be me but, I guess that's part of them growing up, the whole not wanting mom to do those kinds of things anymore. :(

  2. oh man! I cringe just thinking about teeth pulling! Its funny how that is though, someone else pulls it and it doesn't seem to be as big a deal, but mom or dad...and it's the end of the world! :)