DAY 14


"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Berthold Auerbach

Side Note: Today was a snow day, a very cold snow day I might add. The snow is very powdery and not great for snowmen and the temps were -30 or so this afternoon with wind chills. So, we downloaded itunes to pass the time. Thanks Santa & Anna for the gift cards. We just got word that school is closed again tomorrow. I'm guessing it's temperature related. It's supposed to be -20 degrees in the AM and -40 degrees with the wind chill. I'm not sure what we will fill our tomorrow with, but I'm sure we'll think of something. Gotta love Iowa!


  1. I am hating Iowa right now! Sorry to be so "negative", LOL! It has been too cold to go out and shovel the driveway so this morning as Mike was backing out guess what? He broke something on the under body of his car. I decided it was time to shovel and once my fingers hurt as bad as I thought unimaginable, I came in for a break. Wish me luck as I clear up winter for a least a minute. Have a great day and lets hope it warm up at least to 5

  2. Be careful out there! Wear thermals and a face mask or scarf. They say at negative 30 it only takes 10 minutes to get frost bite. We stay indoors if it's below 10 degrees. We thought for sure our snow blower purchase this year would mean no snow. You know, after 10 years of breaking your back shoveling... the one year there wouldn't be any snow (that sort of thing) because we broke down and paid the price. Man am I glad we got that thing now!! It makes clearing the driveway much faster and easier for Haldan. No sore backs yet! Yah! Oh, btw- this is not normal for Iowa. I think there was one other winter as cold as this since we moved back in 98. Hang in there. We all hate it, but it will be over soon.

  3. Now I'm feeling bad that I'm glad i'm not there! I really hope you guys stay warm!