DAY 27

Camille slept with me last night and let Grandma have her bed (since Daddy was working a night shift). She appeared to be quite cozy in her deep slumber.

So, what exactly went wrong? She woke with a bit of a swollen eye. By the time I took this photo her eye range had improved considerably, but it was starting to get pink.

We scheduled an appointment because the school has strict policies when it comes to pink eye and we couldn't be sure that it was or wasn't. The earliest we could get in was 12:45PM. While we were at the doctor's office she got one of her bloody noses. Consequently the scope of the doctor's examination extended to the nose as well as the eye.

After a thorough discussion it was decided that she was possibly suffering from an allergic reaction, but the doctor didn't think it was pink eye. She wrote up a slip and Camille went back to school for the last two hours. Tonight her eye is still swollen and red, but she has never had any of the crusty matter that generally accompanies pink eye. Now we wait and see what tomorrow has in store. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that it's nothing contagious. She is still sleeping in my bed after all!

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  1. That doesn't look fun but I'm sure camille didn't mind missing most of the day of school. Hope your eye gets better soon camille C: