DAY 28

What a fun birthday! My mom helped the kids decorate the house and then she fed them breakfast and took them to school for me. We went out to breakfast. After writing off IHOP it was quite a task trying to come up with a nice restaurant that served breakfast. We had to do a little research, but found the Cedar Grille at the Marriott. It was a wonderful meal and they even brought this beautiful fruit platter out for my birthday! We highly recommend them for anyone else having a special occasion. The rest of the day was great. Haldan and my mom really went out of their way to make it a special day. Haldan even made my angel food cake with white fluffy icing despite his crazy 12 hour night schedule. All in all a fun, memorable birthday.


  1. sweet C: glad you had a good day. Did you see our girl megan on American Idol tonight she was a single mom had tatoos all over her right arm long hair. Simone loved her :D according to her dad she is still going strong!!!! Fun to know someone on there.

  2. I am so happy that you had a good birthday. It is really neat that your mom could come:)