This is my man. He's my partner and my best friend. We've been together 16 years now.

He was born 35 years ago today in Penang Island, Malaysia while his parents were serving in the Peace Corps.

He is a wonderful father and enjoys spending time with the kids. He especially loves his boy time with Connor. He's taught Connor many invaluable life lessons in wilderness settings such as Montana and Boundary Waters.

He is a likable, generous, thoughtful, trustworthy man of few words.

He loves seafood, sports, and the outdoors.

He is very handy and industrious.

He doesn't like attention and doesn't need possessions to be happy.

He is training for another triathlon.

He is a wonderful provider and example.

Happy Birthday, Haldan!


  1. Happy Birthday Haldan! We hope that it is/was GREAT! So cool that you were born in the Peace Corps.

  2. I am so loving your pictures! Great job! Maybe it will motivate me to learn our camera better.

  3. Happy B-day Haldan! Love the pics. C: Fun idea.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Wow, I didn't know Haldan was born in Malaysia! Great pics, Alicia!!