Project Alicia

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DAY 41



  1. Cute idea! (about your picture) Yeah I guess my hair is a bit longer, surprisingly, I think the lady cut somewhere between a half an inch to an inch off...Although, again we're on day 4 and I still can't do anything with it...I thought she said it was goign to be easy!! haha

  2. Creative picture. I think your doing great! Where to you get your cool lettering? Is that part of the new adobe? Thanks for the comments on my blog. I don't think i'm that crative C: If I think of any good ideas for your pictures I will pass them along :D

  3. oh so do you just put them into adobe like you would a picture? The border I got from photoscape it has some different things that adobe dosn't have i usually do my stuff in adobe then save it then upload to photoscape and do so some other touches there.