DAY 42


This is not all that original considering half of America is doing project 365, but I went to a friend's house to scrapbook today and this is my current project.

The funny thing is that I actually decided to do a photo a day as a New Year's resolution before I even knew about project 365. I dumbed into a blog by a girl named Alison last year that was doing a photo a day for 100 days. She was truly inspiring and her pictures were so good it made me want to try to be a better photographer. So, thanks Alison. You really have a gift.

After I saw this other project I knew I had to do that too. I was a few days late to get the kit, but was able to download some of the materials through Becky's blog. I finally got some sheet protectors with the 6 pockets at Hobby Lobby. It was the only place I could find them around here and they had to order them. I'm so glad they work with my existing binder.

So, now I'm struggling because I want to stretch myself creatively, but also want it to be centered around my family so that I can put all of the photos into a family album. I think it's a little more challenging, but I'm trying to have a happy mix. We've had many family drives in search of beautiful photo ops. I think the children will remember these fun adventures by the pictures, at least I hope.

This is definitely something I struggle with. Cedar Rapids has many areas that are still not so pleasing to look at since the flood last summer. Photography allows you to focus in on a small piece of a larger picture. I love what you can see through the lens of a camera and what amazing images a photo captures!

So, for now the journey continues. Wish me luck!


  1. You are so inspiring. I wish I was a little more creative but I do agree with you, I love what you can see and capture through the lens of a camera C:

  2. I am loving your pictures! I haven't heard about project 365, is that what you're doing?