Project Alicia

Sunday, February 22, 2009

DAY 53


Have you ever worn fuzzy leopard print slippers?


  1. like that one. the pic is cute!

  2. I have owned a pair for 7 years and they are still kicking... I love them!

  3. Can't say I have but they are super cute! You should go to digifree it's a website that has tons of free scrapbook downloads. I get lots of stuff from there. What is the scrapbook website that you use a lot is it listed on your blog?

  4. I never have. All the ones I've seen in the stores seem to be too cushy (sp?) in the sole. I like to feel my feet solid on the ground. Knowing me I would probably slip out of them and hurt myself (I fell off a skateboard once and broke my leg).

    They look comfy and warm.:)

  5. I need new slippers. I finally got around to wearing mine here...only to be leaving a trail of my tread/sole all over the floor. I guess they're that old...haha