DAY 54

Picture of the day: "Sunrise in Iowa"

“With each sunrise, we start anew.” -Unknown

So yes, we have beautiful sunrises... even in Iowa. This is the view Haldan has every morning on his drive home from work. He wanted to share this one.

Story of the day: saturn wagon
This dirty, saturn wagon makes the story of the day.

Connor didn't want to be seen getting picked up in "this" car today. He was embarrassed that it wasn't a "big" car and doesn't like what his friends say when he gets in it. (I don't know what friends he's referring to or what they are saying exactly, but it doesn't sound like that's a kind of friend I'd want to have.)

When he told me this I think I was in a state of shock... I'm sure I was because I couldn't think of what to say. Once my brain started formulating thoughts I realized that I never thought I would have one of those kids that was too proud to be seen in any car. Then I was just mad. When did this happen? When did he become so ungrateful and worldly? (Maybe that's too harsh of a word.) But it goes against everything I've ever taught him. Then I realized he's only 9. Maybe he's just an impressionable kid who's heard a thing or two. I took a couple deep breaths and decided to use it as a teaching opportunity. And as I explained to him why I drive a saturn I realized it really comes down to choices in our life.

I could have finished dental hygiene school; I could have a 40 hour week; I could have a fancy SUV; I could have alot of things-- but I chose my children over all that stuff. That's why I drive an '02 saturn wagon.

1. Because being with my children is more important to me than what car I'm driving or what "things" we have. That's the number one reason.

2. It's paid off. We've been counseled by church leaders to live within our means and I know that two car payments would be a stretch.

3. It gets great gas mileage, better than any minivan or suv we test drove.

4. It holds an amazing amount of "stuff"- I once fit an entire twin mattress in the car.

5. It has a roof rack, which came in handy on our drive to Utah and back.

6. It doesn't have 4wd, but we invested in a set of snow tires this winter because it was cheaper than any other option. Since then I haven't got stuck in the snow or had any problems getting up my hill. It has traction control and chains if necessary.

7. As Haldan pointed out, it allows extra money for trips and other fun things.

8. It's plastic and consequently fairs well in hail storms.

9. It's compact and fits in the garage nicely, allowing enough room between the cars that the kids can open the doors without dings.

10. It has a great reliablilty record according to consumer reports and has only been to the shop a couple times for minor things, knock on wood.

So, there ya have it. Who knows how long it'll keep on kickin', but for now it's my saturn and me. That's my unexpected story of the day.

You just never know what kids are going to think up next. They go to bed so peacefully one night and by the next afternoon there's a whole new crisis. Now I wait and see if our explanation was sufficient enough to lessen any future embarrassment.


  1. Love the sunrise pic! Good job Haldan C: Connor must have some intereting friends if they think your saturn is embarrassing I think you made some very valid points that a nine year old probably wouldn't have thought of. Ill have to tuck this one away for future use C:

  2. wow! Great job Haldan! And wow to you Alicia! I would think EXACTLY the way you did!!!! You did right by your list of reasons too! Makaya has been giving me those same thoughts: She was so sweet and innocent at bed time, and then the next day its the next new bad habit she's learned from some other child that I have to break. Today: Oh my gosh. I just will not have my child say's just too close to the real thing, and I dont want to have to guess if she said the real thing or the "add-in", but she doesn't understand that, she thinks her momma is a meanie and out to get her.