DAY 43


I don't remember much about my childhood (you can ask about anyone), but I do remember the Valentine's Day cards that were given and received. I could help my kids do something cute, maybe even homemade- but I much prefer the boxed cards that they can do themselves. They'll remember this just as much and it's carrying on tradition.


  1. Traditions are important no matter how simple. I think that the important part it just having them and being togeather as a family:)

    Good luch with project 365. I think that you will do a wonderful job:)

  2. I couldn't even imagine making homemade valentines for 20 plus kids with Michael. I am very thankful for the store bought king. I don't remember very much of my childhood either, it seems the only things I remember well are the things that were photographed. Keep up the great work in making memories. Happy Valentines Day!