DAY 60


Tonight was the great to be 8 program for Camille. I can hardly believe she will be 8 this August! She has a very small class, so there were only 2 other children there. I think there were more leaders from primary and the bishopric in attendance than families present, but it was a nice program. They gave instruction, had acouple small talks, and gave the children a tour of the font. My favorite were these cute cookies done by Indi Anderson. Towards the end of the program they handed out little gifts for the kids and then asked if there were any questions. Camille wanted to know what was inside the wrapping, but they wanted them to wait until they got home to open it so they didn't open it in front of the other children. Camille didn't much care for the waiting part, so she opened it in the car before she got home. It was a small journal with notes and testimonies throughout from the primary leaders, her teacher, and some of the bishopric. Hopefully it will become a special "treasure" to her.


  1. What a cute idea!! To bad she isn't turning 8 in june when we are all together C: Make some cute announcements and send them out :D

  2. Sorry we weren't there. Rachel gave the prayer at her cousin's baptism on Saturday and I gave the baptism talk. She was excited to get the journal on her bed when we got home.