DAY 63


"Have a place for everything and have everything in its place." Anonymous

This picture was actually motivated by a "daymare" that I had today. I was feeling a little under the weather, so I layed down for a short nap. I dreamt that our house was ransacked and when I got up there was absolutely nothing in our living room but the carpet! It was just one of those dreams that felt so real. I was of course relieved to find that we still had furniture. In my dream I couldn't remember everything that was missing. So, I now have a photograph to document some of our furnishings. I know it's all just "things" and we don't even have anything too special, but it's our home; it represents who we are. Now that the day is coming to a close, I like to make sure everything is in it's place. I always seem to sleep so much better when my home is in order.

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  1. me too on liking order in my home...too bad it rarely happens before bed!