DAY 64


"And remember, no matter where you go, there you are." -Confucius


  1. This is an awsome picture! I would have never thought to take a picture like that. It is very creative:)

    I think that my favorite piture of the month of Feb was the family one. I also liked the one with Connor reading....They are all so good it is hard to choose.

  2. haha i didn't get it before but now I do!!!

    I'm glad you passed that lil' tidbit about the language on...It would be better to think that it doesn't mean the same as in the states, because really I was thinking what a horrible example teaching that to your kids--that does sound judgemental a bit...I mean once they're at that point and age, there seems little possibility of correcting all the wrongs...Anyway, thanks :)

  3. ok here's my favorite days 1,2,20,38,48,54,55,57