DAY 65 "Dad's Back!"

He may have been a bit of a tired Dad, but we were glad to have him none the less!

The kids didn't have school today and Haldan's last night of the outage was last night. (A little earlier than expected; I've been jumping for joy- in my head.) Haldan wanted to turn around hard so that he could play in the basketball tournament tomorrow, so he tortured himself a bit and stayed up for some 27 hours before he finally crashed around 6PM. As predicted, around 4PM he started to shut down. I think I was talking on the phone when I noticed he was drifting into the other lane with oncoming traffic. No worries... we're all still alive!

It was actually a fun day. The boys took me down to the river where they had their morning run to get some pictures of some cool ice chunks up along the bank. Then we headed for Coralville. We did a little shopping, went out for lunch, and watched "Coraline" (Camille's been dying to see it). On the way home we stopped at the Fossil Gorge. It was a beautiful day in the 60s and the kids had a blast exploring. It's pretty devastating what the flood did to that area.

I must have taken some 300 pictures today. I had to delete gobs. I actually had several pics that were much better photos than the one I chose, but I thought it was important to have Haldan in the photo of the day today. Since I can only choose one... I choose this one. It's much harder than I ever imagined!


  1. Yeah! I'm so glad for you guys. I don't know how you survived this never ending outage, but I'm glad it's over. The bad driving sounds like everyday in the Hodson family when Jer is driving..but don't tell him that!

  2. I like this picture C: very sweet and the background is cool!! Glad to know Haldan got some sleep finally!

  3. This is a great post! And I'm so glad Haldan's off that schedule! I hope it lasts!!