DAY 69 "Sicko"


My poor baby was so sick today! She was up the better part of last night in tears feeling "yucky" as she put it. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of virus. The nurse thinks it sounds like Influenza Type A, but didn't think it was worth coming in just to have it "named." My thought is why expose her to even more germs. I'll keep an eye on her and play it by ear. The nurse said if things didn't improve in 3 days or if her fever spiked above 105 to come in. She also said it should be milder since she had the flu mist earlier in the season, but I realized today that I only took her in for the 1st dose and forgot to do the 2nd. Then I felt really bad. I tried to let her rest and pushed the fluids. I'm praying that I don't get it. I already had the flu this year. Once is enough!

Symptoms include:
  • no appetite for several days now
  • fever (off and on) of 100-102 degrees
  • sore throat/ cough
  • headache
  • body aches (I think that's the feeling yucky)
  • runny nose/ congestion
  • lethargic (I've never seen her sleep so much)

Just when I thought she couldn't feel any worse she got one of her bloody noses!


Haldan was very against my posting this picture. So, for those of you thinking I'm a horrible mother for taking this picture... let me just tell you that I've never been one of those mothers that takes pictures like this normally. When one of my kids fall off their bike or get hurt or have any kind of crisis... I panic! I never think to take a picture. Also, Camille gets bloody noses on a very regular basis. You'd think after so many she wouldn't freak out so much when she sees the blood. She ended up making quite a mess on her clothing and in her bathroom with this one. It got much worse before it got better. This project has forced me to think to grab my camera even more than I used to, if you can believe that. So, with camera in hand I snapped a picture. I think it's important to document the good and the bad! There ya have it!


  1. Awww--Poor girl! Sam and I are sick again, as well. I'm hoping we get rid of it fast and don't infect anyone else, because Cailin and I are flying to CA next week! Hope you guys get better soon!

  2. First of all poor baby. She looks so awful :C second That was nasty, what a highlight to my morning lol C: Hope she feels better and no one else gets it (fingers crossed)

  3. That sounds exactly like what we have at our house. Annika, Logan, Jed and I have all been sick luckily not all at the same time, but there was some overlap. I've recovered and now just have some cold symtoms.