DAY 73 "BBQ This" to the Rescue

Haldan drove over to Boyson Rd across town today to pick this up for lunch. Boy did it hit the spot.


I don't know when this happened, but the Dickeys on Edgewood is officially closed. As far as I know there was another one downtown on 2nd St that was flooded in June.

Update on the mystery person in my house last night:
So, I couldn't muster up the courage to check the house by myself, so I attempted to wake up Haldan twice more. He finally got up. He was super annoyed, but agreed to look around. He found nothing. Somehow it didn't make me feel better. He was snoring again within minutes of getting back into bed. I left the lamp on beside my bed and stayed awake as long as I could until I drifted off. Thismorning we were all discussing this when I could tell something was weird with Camille's face. When I questioned her again about going to the bathroom she finally fessed up and said she went to get a drink of water. I couldn't believe it- she really had me fooled last night!
Good news: There was no mystery person in my home last night and Camille's a great actress.
Bad news: I lost sleep over absolutely nothing, Haldan's convinced I'm crazy, and Camille is a great liar!

BTW, winning pictures are coming soon. I'm still waiting on a couple family member's votes. If you haven't voted yet, it's not too late!


  1. Funny It always turns out to be nothing C:

  2. Well at least you know that you are not crazy and hearing things. I find it funny how our husbans can always sleep through so many people comming into your happened to me before.