DAY 74 "Fate?"

"Fate only takes you so far. The rest is up to you." -Unknown

I have a confession to make... I wanted to quit today. It's gotten to the point that I've exhausted every last brain cell I have, or so it seems. I'm probably just having a bad day, but it's been pretty challenging this past week. I told my husband that Iowa in March reminds me of "the lone and dreary world" they talk about in the scriptures. He chuckled, but it wasn't intended as a joke. My job is to look past that and see what I can capture through my lens. I went outside and looked around, had a couple deep sighs, and was ready to throw in the towel. My husband actually came to my rescue. He decided we were going on a long Sunday drive... destination was to be the Marion Airport. He thought it was a nice day and there might be some planes out flying.

A couple days ago we saw this powered parachuter and I tried to take some pictures from the car, but they turned out blurry. When we got to the airport that same parachuter was there. Haldan got out and talked to him a bit and he was just taking off. I took down his email and I'm going to send him some of my best photos. It was fun to watch so close and I was able to get some great shots standing directly under him. Thanks Haldan for not giving up on me! So, do you think it was fate or just dumb luck that we ran into the same guy twice in three days?


  1. Pretty cool! You have defiently taken on a tough challenge good for you for hanging in there C: Good for Halden for not giving up on you C: I would miss your daily pictures and deep thoughts if you quite!!

  2. I don't know about March in Iowa. I think it really depends on the year. Saturday we were driving down to the temple and saw just some great landscapes. I grew up being surrounded by mountians. It was a change to me to move from Utah to Michigan to find nothing but trees. You couldn't see anything past the trees. So when we moved here to Iowa, I have really enjoyed the rolling hills. I can see for miles and also watch the sunsets.

    I think that even if there are not so many great natural beauties around in March there is always something increadible to watch, like your parachuter.

    Those were some great pictures.

  3. I dont know, but I do think it's interesting that you got the same guy and was able to get a second chance. I think that's sweet that Haldan is really supporting you on your project. So sweet!! I know how you feel about wanting to throw in the towel...I've had a few days like that....I still have to blog them. bleh.