DAY 75 "Spring"


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." -Anais Nin

This is the first bud on my little miniature weeping pussy willow tree. I love my little tree!

It's been fun watching it through the changing seasons out my large front window. I thought it might die two winters ago ('07-'08) when we had the second ice storm. It's little branches drooped to the ground and it became so heavy with ice it started to tip over and expose the root ball. We did our best to stake it back up the best we could with the ground frozen. But spring came and it surprised us all... it came back to life. Towards the end of the summer it started to look sick and I began to worry. The japanese beetles got the better of it despite our efforts to protect it and then it looked as if it had developed a fungus of some kind and the leaves started to fall prematurely. Two more seasons have passed and here we are to spring yet again. Somehow that little tree pulled through. It makes me so happy to see those first buds, especially with all it has been through in it's short life.

It got up to 70 degrees here today and it felt like heaven. Spring is slow coming, but it is coming none the less.

Here's just a few reasons I love Spring... tulip festival, no more coats or static electricity, easter, outdoor activites, catching butterflies, rainy afternoons, the sound of birds chirping, BBQs, the scent of budding flowers or freshly cut grass, a reason to paint my toe nails, bright colors in fashion, can crack the windows and air out the house, spring cleaning, soccer, and great photo ops.

What do you like about spring?


  1. My favorite things about spring are: watching everything turn green, Magnolia trees & other blossoming trees, temps not to hot not to cold, thunderstorms, Easter, spring flowers, being outside.

  2. I love the Sun and just being warm! I love how it's just a happier time :) I love the bbqs and being outside too...basically everthing you said and even Katherine :)