DAY 76


"Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal." -Unknown

I was going to take Camille out of school for the St. Patrick's Day parade, but Connor was home sick with Dad and I thought he might feel bad. I'm not Irish and have never been much into the holiday anyways. I did attempt to go over before the parade and take a few pics of people setting up, but nothing fantastic to share.

So, after I picked Camille up from school I took the kids for some ice cream. Figured Connor could use a little outdoor time. Besides, it got up to 85 degrees today, at least that's what it said on our thermometer and we're lovin' it! You have to take advantage while ya have it 'cause you never know when it might come again. It's supposed to drop in temp tomorrow and be rainy. I'm hoping my neighbor is wrong about snow this weekend.

I think Connor is going back to school tomorrow. He has been fever free now for over 24 hours (so long as it stays down through the night). Keep your fingers crossed!

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