DAY 82


"Cousins by blood - friends by choice." - Darlene Shaw

Loved watching these three interact today. They had so much fun together and it didn't matter what it was... if one did it- they all did it. When I painted their nails Brook really wanted these two colors together; definitely not my first choice. Of course the other two wanted the exact same thing. I tried to convince them to be original and pick something different, but no such luck. They wanted the exact same colors alternating "just like Brook". Too cute! Can you tell which one has those long Rasmussen fingers? (Hint: She's the one who still bites her nails.)

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  1. My daughter loves having alternating colors when we paint her fingers. Glad to know she's not the only one. And it's also pretty cool how cousins don't want to be 'original', they want to be just like the others. Rachel LOVES her Missouri cousins and they have the same sentiments.