I'm talking mostly to family now, but if you pop in to check out my blog please give me feedback. I know it's a lot of pics to go through, so if you remember one you particularly liked just describe it. You can also go to the side bar and click on Jan or Feb in the archives. It will quickly take you through all of them. Another option is to go to the moments by months (I think both are posted in Feb). January's won't enlarge if you click on it, but February will. You can either tell me the date, the number of the photo (DAY whatever), or give me a description.

Thank you to all who have responded and shared your favorites! I think I have ten in now and would really like more. It would appear there are a couple pics in the lead, but just a few more people could sway the vote.

From now on I will just do it monthly. I know 60 photos is a whole lot to remember. I sort of thought of this idea late and decided to jump in. Better late than never. I've had some ask what a photo of the month is. I guess to summarize, it would be a favorite picture every month out of that months' choices. I just thought breaking it up by months would make it a whole lot easier to have a vote on the photo of the year, which I've wanted to do all along. Hope that helps.

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  1. my vote for january would be day 1 - marks the beginning of a journey.

    february would be day 38: you know i love that one.

    great idea. i may just have to do this sometime. it would be fun to see what stands out to others.