This is the kicker... of all the friday the 13th haps around here.

It's midnight... I'm sitting in the office finishing my project 365 for the day (journaling, etc.) and I hear Camille get up and go to the bathroom. Then I hear the door open and close and then she goes back to bed... or so I thought.

I went in to check on her and she was sound asleep. I turned on the light and woke her. I thought I possibly mistook her bathroom for the Connor's bathroom directly under it. So, I went downstairs only to find all the lights out and Connor grinding his teeth. He was in a very deep sleep. Totally freaked!

In a panic I went to check on Haldan hoping he was awake and had just used one of their bathrooms, but he was also sound alseep snoring. He was not easy to wake up. He said, "There's no one in our house."

He thinks I'm crazy ever since I told him I thought there was a person living in our attic in Washington. He did recently send me an email to a news link about a man found living in someone's attic though. (At least he's admitting it's possible now.) Needless to say, I'm on my own to check the house.

I did the upstairs, but there's no way I'm going downstairs again by myself again. I went to Connor's room and didn't venture past that.

I'm too afraid to go back to the office, so I'm on my laptop in my bedroom while the rest of my family sleeps.

It's not windy outside tonight either. That's always Haldan's excuse for any kind of unexplained noises. This couldn't possibly be my imagination. I really heard someone. I thought it was strange that Camile didn't come into the office when she was finished 'cause the office lights were on.

What good is having a husband home if he won't go check the house when you hear strange things.

Wish me luck...

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  1. ok that is totally freaky! Stuff like that happens to me all the time no joke. Nate thinks i'm crazy. I really think my house is haunted. I hear what sounds like my kids running for the bathroom or my room at night but after a min of no one comeing to my room I go check on them only to find they are all fast asleep!! It doesn't help that my dog will usually bark at the wall or the stairs or some random thing when I am home alone like he does when someone comes to the front door. Gotta love it. Hope your family get better soon it stinks to have everyone sick but I would rather they all get it at once and be done with it then drag it on one by one!! Good luckC: