Project Alicia

Friday, April 10, 2009

DAY 100



"Happiness equals reality minus expectations." -Tom Magliozzi

This is a quote I need to drill into my head... tonight I must have sat and looked over my mediocre pictures for at least an hour before I realized I didn't like any of them. My husband could see so many he liked for one reason or another, but they were all flawed to me. I tend to keep unrealistic expectations. I think I put added pressure on myself because of it being day 100 too. The eggs were definitely less than perfect... a few cracked while I was boiling them, the kids kept dripping the dye all over the other eggs, and when we attempted the "glitter" portion of the kit... it left snotty looking clumps as Haldan put it. But it's ok. We'll hide them, then make deviled eggs out of them and eat them. Besides, the kids much prefer the candy filled ones. Life would be so much more enjoyable if I had no expectations at all!


  1. Hope you guys have a Happy Easter!! (we haven't even done our eggs yet...we better get on that I guess!)

  2. Alicia... I concern with the happiness is reality minus expectations. I don't like to get my expectations up, but I also need to balance that with not always having low expectations. Ugh!

    The pictures do look great. It must be difficult to have so much creativity and be able to see the flaws we don't. Honestly, I'm so inspired by your photography. I love the different angles you take of a situation. I even mentioned you on my facebook page as needing to come take pictures of my kitchen table because mine didn't do it justice. And, your skill would be so much better.

    If it helps, remember this is supposed to be enjoyable. And, we all think your work is stellar. Hugs!!!

  3. Congrats on it being 100 days! You do take great pics, sometimes the flawed ones are the best and show that life isn't perfect.

    We dyed eggs yesterday too. And like your fam it didn't go as well as expected, but at least the kids had a great time.