DAY 108


"The most interesting thing about the weeping willow and its willow family cousins is it medicinal history. Cultures as far back as Mesopotamian recognized and wrote about the medical uses of willow bark. Early American cultures also discovered that willow bark had medical uses and the most common one was in the relief of pain and inflammation. In the 18th Century, the active extract in the bark was isolated. It was a substance called salicin. When salicin is in solution in water it is very acidic. This acid is called salicylic acid. Just before the start of the 20th Century, a chemist created a substance based on salicylic acid that was not as tough on the stomach. This substance was ultimately named aspirin."-Aazdak Alisimo


  1. LOVE this picture! did you take that? interesting info i am learning so much from your daily blog C:

  2. I love your picture!! makes me definitely miss C.R!!!! And I never knew that about the relationship between willows and aspirin!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)