DAY 112


"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work."
-Author Unknown

What I thought was just a few guys goin' fishin turned into quite the event. This is the group at our house prior to departure this morning. Turns out they were meeting up with a couple other cars. I'm not quite sure who all was in on this outing. I'm not even sure of the specifics like where they are staying. I feel completely in the dark and extracting info is too painful and not worth it. I know they are heading east towards Lake Erie area and are getting a fishing charter and staying in some sort of lodging. The good news is that it's an area where there is cell phone reception should my sewage back up again or I want to check in. This brings a smile to my face. I'm sure it will be a fun time. Camille feels completely left out and has been demanding all of my attention. My dear husband was kind enough to get me sick and then abandon me to entertain Camille alone. What a sweetheart. She's expecting an entire 4 days dedicated to "girl time". So far we fed the ducks, went to the park, ate out, and watched American Idol with special treats. There's only so much a sick girl can do. Wish me luck.

From left to right in the photo: Dave & Laura Gibson, Brian Hupke, Hans Rasmussen, Haldan & Connor Rasmussen, and Mike Strope

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