DAY 117


National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

Today I went on Camille's field trip to Dubuque. It was a long day. I didn't take my regular camera because I still wasn't feeling fantastic and I didn't want to carry a heavy camera around all day. Most of my pics turned out absolutely horrible. I'm not convinced any camera can take a wonderful picture in an aquarium. I think I'll google it. Maybe there's a trick. I knew I wasn't getting one with Haldan's camera, the man cam. It's water-proof and shock-proof and I like it because it's compact and fits in my purse. There's really no comparison to my canon though when it comes to quality. I had almost given up all hope of getting a pic when I ran into these crazy white lizard like guys all lined up near the front of the museum. I wanted to get a picture of Camille and her friends in front of them, but they thought the lizards were too creepy. My guess is that there are plans to paint them and put them around town, but I'm still not sure. I paid $9.50 to get into the museum to see all of the wildlife and these were probably my favorite part of the tour.

Other highlights of the day:

    • We signed papers again to refinance our Iowa home at 8AM this morning. For the last time??
    • Hans finally made it out of Cedar Rapids at 1PM this afternoon after his Moline flight was cancelled yesterday.
    • Camille had her dance pics tonight & boy am I glad that's over. We still have the Dress Rehearsal at the US Cellular Center & the recital to go. The amount of times these girls have to get in full costume is ridiculous. Camille is burnt out.

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  1. C: Try this with three! sounds like you have gotten a small taste of the dance life. Good luck. Oh and I agree about the camera, LOVE mine. Though I do want to get a really nice small one that will fit in my purse for moments when you can't or don't want to lug around the big one with all it's fancy gear. I'll have to look into that.