DAY 99

"I used to walk ten miles to school, barefoot, in the snow, uphill, both ways..."

Who hasn't heard this phrase at least once in their life? I thought of it today as I watched my children walk to school. They have such a cush life and they don't even know it! I drive them to school almost every day of the school year. It's finally warm enough for them to walk and it makes for a much easier morning. Whether I'm doing laundry or getting ready for work... it's always a little stressful having to stop everything and drive them over to the school. The pokiness (by both), the fighting, and the habitual forgetting of one thing or another makes it not such a pleasant experience and can definitely sour my mood.

I'm sure this phrase is more of a cliche than anything else, but it reminds me how times are so much more different today than they were even 20 years ago. Twenty years ago I can't imagine that a 9 year old would have to watch a video about puberty.

We didn't even get so much as a note warning us of the talk that Connor would receive today. So, when he left for school I was entirely clueless! From what he's told us they discussed his anatomy and changes that will occur to his body. He remembered terms like testicles, sperm, and wet dream. I don't know if it's because it caught me so off guard, but I'm really disturbed by it. He's only 9! Between this and Oprah's sex ed today talking to 14 year old students about what occurs in middle school... I'm speechless! It is an interesting time we live in. Any thoughts out there? Am I just ultra conservative and out of touch?

On another note... Camille had to buy her backpack from me today. Lucky for her I got it 75% off, so it only cost her $5.00. They both get a new one at the beginning of the school year, but Camille's has already died, literally. I had this other one for next year, so I decided to let her know I only buy her one a year, but she could buy this one from me if she really wanted one. She must have really wanted it. I was really torn about it! This might make me seem like a mean mom, but I feared that if I just gave her the new one it wouldn't be reinforcing the principle of responsibility.

Parenting is so hard and exhausting some days.


  1. Alicia... I think having Camille buy a new one is a great idea. Eventually the children will learn to take care of the things they care about or don't want to have to buy again and again.

    As for the sex ed, call me sheltering if you want to, but I don't like to hear schools springing these discussions on children without parental notification. Sex ed is my responsibility and I should be forewarned when someone else is going to be discussing these things with my children. If I were you, I would talk to the principal or decisions makers and express grave concern over their lack of communication on this topic. That's my recommendation.

  2. oh... and really cute picture. Your photos get better every day!

  3. You are doing a great job Alicia! I get so many great ideas from you and your example in raising kids. It's disturbing that our children are learning about things so young. My nephew came home in 2nd grade knowing all about sex from his friends. Devasted, his parents sat him down to have the talk and he wasn't even eight. While the lack of morals is frightening as a parent, I trust in the great strength of my children that they have been given to live in todays day. Keep doing what you are doing. Your kids need you to be ultra conservative.

  4. This is a cute pic and I can totally relate to those crazy mornings! As for sex ed well I definetly think you should have had some warning (is it possible you did it just didn't make it from you childs hands to yours ?) we try so hard to keep our kids sheltered and young sadly the rest of the world is not and kids are getting older and older every day :C Lexi's old elementary school had a bad problem with oral... in the bahtrooms really sad when your fifth grader has to learn about that because it's a problem at the school. I understand why they do it and for some it's the only place they learn about it but still some notification would be nice. our school does the class after school on a designated day and a parent has to attend and the boys and girls are seperate and it is totally optional. that way kids aren't getting the info unless the parents want it and they are there with them and it takes place in fifth grade so it's a little older than nine. maybe you should make that suggestion to your school. Hang in there i think you are a great parent!!

  5. Okay...completely freaked out, considering mine isn't even 8 yet, and I know "the talk" can happen at anytime...whether it be friends or whatever...Anyway, That really would irk me to find out that my child got the talk, without my consent or knowledge... Your pic of the kids is really cute! I was thinking "look how big those backpacks are compared to your kiddos!" The new quote that our kids will be able to say, "I walked to school with 10 lbs on my back...." Anyway, I think you did right by selling her the backpack...a backpack should be able to last a year, in the very least! Although, with as much as they send home....I can kind of see how they won't last...but I know kids too, backpack keeping isn't necessarily on their priority list. :)

  6. I remember one time when I was a teen and my dad was furious that the school gave us sex ed. The it ended up that the teachers were suppose to excuss us from class during this discussion. Maybe you should make a request like that. Go and talk to the principle if you haven't already. Schools really need to respect parents in this regard.

    I am afraid of what talks will happen now as the topic of gay marriage has entered our relm here in Iowa. We have already had discussions with Samuel about this law. I wasn't quite prepared for it but he asked a question after the passing of the law so we talked about around the dinner table.