Baby Book

Here's a sampling of some of the scrapbook pages I've been working on for Pokey's baby book. Yes, baby book. I have a book I wrote in, but she's been begging me to make a book like Little Man's. I made a homemade 6X6 book for him with an ABC theme. I used the same color palette throughout and each letter represented something for a page. It actually was harder than I thought it would be. For Pokey I thought I'd do the first 7 years since it's taken me so long, but I'm struggling to come up with a theme. I want something different than the ABC theme, but I don't know how to incorporate doctor's data, growth chart, and firsts, etc. I was thinking about 2-3 pages for each year, but it's not that cute and where would I add the charts? OK, I need some help from you more creative folks out there. Any ideas for a cute baby book? Can I use all of these pages together or not?

I just had 175 pictures from negatives put onto a CD for Pokey's first 4 years. That's another problem I've run into. Doing a digital book proves to be challenging when all of the pics are on negatives. Can you believe it costs 29 cents/negative to transfer it to a CD? It is cheaper to make prints, but I thought this would be better for preservation and then I can make it into whatever size I want and make as many copies as needed. I only copied the ones I wanted, but it took me a while to figure out which ones I wanted from those tiny negatives. I have a negative reader that came with my scanner, but the quality is horrible. Has anyone found a cheaper way to burn to CD?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I've waited too long to start this. I need to finish!


  1. Love the new header and your scrapbook pages are super cute. You are so talented with this stuff!!

  2. Limit your scope to the first 2 years and it will make it easier. It is a baby book after all not a life book.

  3. I have NOTHING! (idea wise) What you've done already is so Awesome!! I think you're doing great! You're making me think I need to really get onto my kiddos memory books!