Horse with a long face

DAY 121


A horse walks into a bar, he sits down and the bartender asks him, "Why the long face?"

On another note I had to just let you know that sometimes I have the most amazing husband in the world. I awoke this morning to Haldan snoring next to me and this amazing aroma coming from the kitchen. That's when I discovered that Haldan had come home from a 12 hour night shift and made banana bread before he climbed into bed. There was only 10 minutes left on the timer. It turned out perfect. Couldn't have done it better myself. He used the recipe in Betty Crocker, which is our favorite. Thanks Haldan!


And of course it's May Day today which I forgot about until one of our neighbors dropped some May Baskets at our door after school. The kids and I scrounged some cups, stickers, and candy and hit the neighborhood. Since then we have been flooded with so many more. Thanks to all of our friends who remembered us and dropped a treat. We appreciate it and maybe we'll get ya next year. I really don't even know why we celebrate May Day. I'm gonna have to google it.


In other news:

  • It's Anna Lisa's (Haldan's sister's) b-day today. So, have a happy birthday, Anna!
  • After 2 1/2 weeks the cabinets in the kitchen are actually starting to not smell as strong. I'm guessing that it's the charcoal absorbers that are helping. We have them in the cabinets and a plug-in directly beneath. Thanks for the encouragment. Patience has never been my greatest virtue!


  1. Awww... for the banana bread.
    Ugh... for the quick speed of your children.
    Yeah... Yeah for the cabinets.

  2. That was sweet about the banana bread!! And I dont have a clue what May Day is. Never even heard of it....huh...something I guess I'll have to google too. :)