DAY 126


"If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be welcome on any lawn." Andrew V. Mason

Spring is officially here! I woke up one day last week and all of a sudden it was just green, almost overnight everything changed. It's so amazing to me to witness the cycle of the seasons. It wasn't but 2 months ago we were still having single digit temperatures and it was frozen and very cold. The snow had started to melt and it unveiled a brown and ugly landscape. I wondered if it would ever be pretty again. I was still wondering this just a couple weeks ago, our grass had brown patchy spots and the trees were just barely budding. Now I can look outside and see nothing but green everywhere; beautiful buds and flowers in assorted colors. It's like a different place. Even the weeds, such as these dandelions, look beautiful. (No, they were not captured on my lawn.)

I can't help but attribute the long, cold winter to my greater awareness and appreciation for spring. I've often wished to live in a milder, warmer climate, but I do love the seasons and I would never want to take this beauty for granted. It is a gift and I'm so grateful for it, allergens, weeds, rain, and all.


  1. I can't believe how terrible the dandelions are this year! The spring is so wonderful! Yeah, it finally spring!

  2. I really like that picutre. I think that dandeloins are beautiful but from a distance.

    If it is not to late to cast my vote. I liked the weeping willow on April 18th. I just thought that was such a suiting picture for that week here in Iowa.

    I liked your hair cut. How is it now? Did it pass the test?