DAY 139


Adam Lambert or Kris Allen?

For some reason my canon EOS 20D just wouldn't let me get a picture of American Idol. I kept getting bands of different colored stripes. Any thoughts out there? I used my canon power shot SD780 and got this one. A little grainy, but at least it doesn't have lines through it. I was almost convinced that Fox coded it strange to prevent pictures or it was my TV, but my other camera got this one. It'll have to do. I was trying the panoramic feature at the soccer game earlier and accidentally left it on that setting. Not a great picture, but one we wanted to remember.

BTW, 2 votes for Kris and 1 vote for Adam at our house. Haldan isn't voting. We're still trying to get through, but have only got the busy signal so far.


  1. I would have just snagged one off the internet. But I guess then it wouldn't be one you took C: I think Adam is my vote he is a little wierd but talented.

  2. Chris for me, only because Adam looks a little freaky. I haven't watched the show so, my vote is all based on looks. How was your field trip?