DAY 141



That's my favorite term from dental hygiene school. I think it sums up this time in a child's life well. Not only is it anatomically accurate, it sounds awkward and seems to be a fitting phrase for the phase of life they are in. Little man is definitely going through this right now. His two front teeth don't seem to fit his face anymore. I do hope he grows into them some time, preferably in the near future. I think it would help if he could just get that right lateral incisor out. He's been wiggling it now for weeks. I'm waiting for him to swallow it. Today he was saying he could feel the tooth behind it, so it's time. He sat and wiggled it for a good 10 minutes off and on, but it's still hangin' on.

I'm always amazed at the photo opportunities that present themselves when children are present. you don't have to look far. Watching them experience life is... amusing, enlightening, and definitely never dull. I would give anything for a fraction of the energy and passion they have. I get tired just trying to keep up. Their minds are non-stop.

The last few weeks have just flown by and I wish I would have written everything down that they've said that struck me as funny or maybe caught me off guard, but I'm not that together. I did manage to remember a few things.

Highlights for Pokey include:
"Mom, when you die can I have all your clothes?" (eating breakfast while I was folding clothes before school)

"You're squashing all my dreams." (directed at me because I couldn't play outside with her just then)

"I think I want to shower when we get home. I'm worried about my blood coming out because I've already lost blood and I'll die." (We were driving home from mushroom hunting and Dad had a tick on him. I had just explained why we don't want ticks on us. She hates showers, but after much consideration she spewed this out."

"Squishy, Squishy" (which is very embarrasing, but she seems to be having questions about anatomy these days)

Little Man highlights:
"What the fudge." (which we quickly had to put a stop to- don't know where he picked it up)

"Whatever" (after I told him I loved him while dropping him off at school)

I can't remember anymore, so for you younger mom's out there, I recommend keeping a notebook handy. They grow up too fast.

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  1. aaah! They so do!! I'm glad though, that the fun moments dont stop as they get older!! Thank you for sharing!!! :)