DAY 142


“Life is short and full of blisters.” -African-American Proverb

Pokey came home from school today with two popped blisters. She said she cried a little after the first one popped and then cried a little more on the way home because it still hurt. Her hands are a mess these days. She's still biting her nails, she picks at her hang nails (some go back to her 1st knuckle), and now she has 5 blisters on her palms. I'd think she was part monkey with how much she likes to climb except that I don't think monkeys get blisters. As I looked closer at her hands I noticed several calluses as well where blisters used to be. Daddy cleaned them and bandaged them several times before he finally resorted to the water-proof knuckle bandages and surgical tape. By dinner that too was falling off. When she plays her hands get sweaty and nothing seems to stay on. I'm afraid monkey bars might be out for a little while. Poor girl.

I always knew you could get blisters from hard work, but I guess I never realized you could also get them from hard play. It's rough bein' a kid.

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